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Photo yourself outside, crisp air, cozy camping clothes, and a well-earned hunger after a day of adventuring! Here are a few of our preferred vegetarian-friendly camping meal concepts to help sate that adventurous appetite.

Breakfast is perhaps the most important meal of the day, so ensure you load in the calories required for a day of hiking, angling, or practicing your survival skills.

Granola with Milk & & Blueberries Granola provides long lasting fiber to fuel a day of activity, and our freeze-dried Granola with Milk & & Blueberries is definitely scrumptious. Simply add cold water to reconstitute, or add warm water for a warmer stomach to get your rolling on chilly mornings.

Egg and Cheese Sandwich

This egg and cheese sandwich is both simple and fast to make. Heat up the experienced cast-iron frying pan over the flame, throw on as numerous eggs as you like. When those are completed, butter some english muffins, bagels, or a couple slices of bread, and put them deal with down to toast. Put it all together with your preferred breakfast sandwich garnishes like avocado, cheese, tomato. Pro-tip: pre-crack your eggs into a multiple-use container (like a Nalgene bottle). Easy to carry. Easy to pour into your skillet!

Additional Unique Pancakes

Pancakes are an outdoor camping food necessary due to the fact that they’re easy to pack, easy to load, and easy to tailor. You can pre-make the dry batter ahead of time (or buy a mix, naturally) so that all you have to include is water in the morning. Bring your favorite add-ons! Try blending in some granola for included crunch and calories. Or sauté some cinnamon apples in the cast iron and mix them into your batter (or serve hot on the top!). Or if you’re feeding a crew, set out a spread of topping options like jam, nut butters, and fresh fruit.

Over night Oats

Over night oats are so dang basic you’ll question why you have actually never done them before. There are lots of specialized dishes online, however all you really need to know is this fundamental formula: 1 cup oats to 2 cups water. The rest depends on you! You can make chai over night oats, peanut butter and jelly overnight oats, pumpkin pie overnight oats … truly, the alternatives stop where the creativity does.

Lunch & & Snacks Keep your body

sustained throughout the day with these vegetarian treats and lunch recipes.

Mountain House Mac & & Cheese

You don’t have to be a kid to take pleasure in a hearty lunch of mac and cheese. Just add warm water and kids of all ages can enjoy our fan-favorite freeze-dried mac and cheese for a hot lunch on the path, or chillin’at the

camping site. Dutch Oven Nachos Remaining around the campground for the day? Fire up the pit and make a batch of these yummy dutch oven nachos. You can quickly customize this dish for both meat eaters and vegetarian campers alike. Simply add meat to one half, or include it on afterwards. Or leave it totally meat-free and include your preferred dealings with.

S’mores Granola Bars

Oh, yum. These Vegan S’mores Granola Bars aren’t just another energy bar. Bring along one for a treking treat, or numerous if you just can’t stop consuming them because they are that great.

Chickpea Salad Sandwiches

Exists anything chickpeas can’t do? We don’t think so. These simple chickpea salad sandwiches can be made ahead of time, or simply make the filling at home, and assemble the sandwiches as soon as at camp. Pointer: If you want to bring these backpacking, swap out the sandwich bread for tortillas for a more long lasting, portable chickpea salad wrap!

Whether you delight in the procedure of chopping and cooking outdoors, or you choose the quick comforts of ready-to-eat meals, you’ll find something worth savoring from these supper ideas!

Vegetable Kebabs

Utilize that campfire! Skewer up your favorite veggies (and fruits!) for vegetable kebabs that are sure to please. You can barbecue them directly over an open flame, or cover them in aluminum and set them on coals. Turn em so they do not burn. Serve a la carte, or on some ready-to-eat rice.

Mountain House Pasta Primavera

Trying to find a quick and easy vegetarian camping food concept? Try our freeze-dried pasta primavera. Purchase it in a # 10 can and you’ll easily be able to feed the entire household! Include your own unique active ingredients, like fresh garlic and foraged chanterelles for a Mountain Home hack.

Vegetarian Chili

Requiring just a few fresh ingredients like celery and carrots, this vegetarian chili recipe can be thrown up in less than thirty minutes and will make you feel all sort of warm and fuzzy within. Bring along your favorite toppings, like sour cream, shredded cheese, and fresh cilantro.

Chili Lime Corn on the Cob

Simply a few components spice up a favorite for camping trips! This recipe takes corn on the cob to the next level. Similar to elotes, this grilled corn on the cob is a meal in and of itself with lime, cilantro, chili powder, and cotija cheese. Nom nom. However bring the floss!

Dutch Oven Lasagna

Yes, dessert is considered a meal. And no, you do not need to share.

Mountain Home Raspberry Crumble

Raspberries. Chocolate. Drooling? This fruity freeze dried raspberry fall apart will make your mouth water even while you’re eating it.

Apple Crisp

There have actually been heated arguments among fans about whether our Apple Crisp ought to be thought about a breakfast or a dessert, and we say … both! Any while we’re at it, we think it makes a great lunch, too. The only rules we demand here at Mountain House are 1) Just Add Water, and 2) Savor the Adventure. The rest is up to you!

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