25 Camping Scary Stories That’ll Make You Appreciate Hotels

An other half and other half were camping together when the other half got the awful feeling that they weren’t alone. She informed her hubby and the two browsed their camp and the surrounding area completely, just to come up empty handed. The feeling never ever left though, and from time to time the couple swore they heard the noise of footsteps or the snapping of branches simply out of their sight.

Things only got more suspicious when the sun went down. The noise of something huge walking around their camping site became undeniable. Footsteps, low grumbles, and other weird noises were heard all throughout the night, and in the morning the 2 found substantial feline-like footprints nearly 8 inches throughout, all around their camping tent and campfire ring.

Once they returned house, a quick call to a park ranger confirmed their worries; they were being stalked by a completely grown mountain lion for their entire outdoor camping journey.

Any encounter with a bear is very harmful and, although they usually prefer to mind their own service, it’s never a great concept to get too close or risk distressing one. This is why one man was so shaken when he found a totally grown black bear cutting loose through his camp in Saskatchewan.

The bear left him alone after he managed to terrify it off by screaming. Only a couple of minutes had passed prior to he turned around in surprise to find the very same bear, now simply inches away, back into the camp behind him. What followed was an extreme stare down between a man and beast that probably felt like permanently, despite only lasting about 20 seconds.

Thankfully, the bear decided to leave the male be and ran back into the surrounding woods. He still wasn’t gone for excellent. The man needed to routinely get up every half hour or so to scare the animal away from his camping area for the rest of the night.

A big group of nearly 30 individuals were camping under some spectacular sandstone cliffs in the Watagan Mountains of New South Wales when they woke to a dreadful rumbling that shook the earth for a solid 20 seconds prior to stopping suddenly. After ensuring no one was hurt, the campers grabbed their flashlights and set out to find what triggered the sound.

It didn’t take long. Not 100 meters from where the campers were sleeping, they found a huge boulder the size of five school buses which had broken off at the top of the cliff and moved down the mountainside, leaving a course of destruction in it’s wake. If it had broken off just a bit better, there would have been nothing the campers could have done to prevent being squashed by the massive stone.



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