Awesome New England Camping Cabins for Your Next Adventure

Have you the entered the amazing world of winter season camping yet? Wait, wait, hear me out. What if I told you that winter season outdoor camping could indicate that you would not need to sleep on the ground or even in the cold? That you wouldn’t even require to bring a camping tent?

You might think about providing it a go, yes?

I love camping, and every winter season I long for the camping season when I can spend days and days outside exploring, formulating campfire grub, and seeing the stars come out. Winter tends to constrain my design, however a few years earlier, our family found cabin outdoor camping, and we haven’t looked back.

The outside of one of the New England camping cabins at Merck Forest

Among the Vermont cabin rentals at Merck Forest in Rupert, VT What is Cabin Camping? Well, I guess that depends upon where you go, but in general terms, cabin camping is when you make use of a shelter instead of

a camping tent to either keep you warm in cold temperature levels or make you more comfy anytime. Comparable to

glamping, however more rustic. When you remain in an outdoor camping cabin, you still need to pack your sleeping bags, camp food, and headlamps, but your home base has the comfort and heat of 4 walls, and generally a wood stove.

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