What Are The Best Dog Leashes For Camping?

Miranda Merchant 

Dogs are great companions and they love to go camping just as much as you do. With some sites not allowing dogs untethered and with hikes out in the areas of wild animals’ homes, you need an appropriate leash for confidence when camping.

In this article you will learn what the best leashes are for camping, what styles of leashes are available, what types of leashes are around on the market, pros and cons of these leashes, guidance on how you can choose the right leash for you, what length is appropriate, and whether retractable leashes are appropriate.

What Leashes Are Available For Camping?

There are a wide variety of leashes available for different situations or activities. In general, the types of leashes available can be whittled down to a small selection.

These leashes are:

  • Hands-free – a leash that can be tied around the waist, rather than be handheld.
  • Extra-long – lengths from 15ft and used for training purposes.
  • Standard – average size for your average leash seen used everyday by dog walkers. Size at around 6ft.
  • Rope – these types of leashes are for strong dogs.
  • Double hand – has two hoops, one at either end, for you to hold from both locations for better control.
  • Cable tie/hoop clipped – a style of leash that can be used when dogs are stationary for tethering.

Only you know which leash is best for you. However, from the list above, the best leashes for camping and your activities are the hands free (more comfortable when taking walks from the campsite and exploring the area), standard (including rope if you have a strong dog. Its’s the leash you’d already be using and are comfortable with), and cable tie (can be used for tethering when you and your dog are relaxing at the campsite).

What Are The Best Leashes For Camping?

The best leashes for camping are:

This leash is of the hooked design suitable for tethering. The Knot-a-Hitch leash comes as a set along with leash, tether cable and a carry bag. A modern design, inspiration for this creation comes from rock climbing; so outdoors and hardwearing components would be integral to this design providing you with confidence.


  • The carry bag for the equipment means that when not use everything can be kept together in tidy storage.
  • The cable tether system allows not only for tether straight to a stake, but also to a suspended cable that can be hooked from tree to tree. When attaching the leash to the suspended cable, your dog can walk from side to side between the designated space allowing your dog more freedom.
  • It is simple and easy to setup and takedown.


  • This tether and leash system is higher in price than other leashes that do the same purpose. It’s also a British company, so considerations as to whether it can be shipped overseas is required.
  • You can make your own cabled suspension system at a cheaper price.
  • The leash could be longer.


Originally designed for trail running, this handsfree leash allows you and your dog to tackle the more difficult trails with ease. With control of your dog maintained by a harness system around the waist, a leash can be attached to your front for your dog to lead the way and a water bottle can be secured to the pocket at the back.


  • If there’s trouble, a quick release allows you to disconnect with ease.
  • There is a mesh pocket for small handy items.
  • The edges of the leash are reflective for better visibility in poorer weather.


  • The harness might slip if pulled strongly by your dog.
  • The quick release is fixed together by glue – it’s not known what the longevity of this is.
  • It might not be a comfortable fit for all body types and does not include leg straps for extra. fitting.


Coming in a variety of colours to suit all personalities, this leash is perfect if you’re looking for confidence but nothing too fancy beyond what you’re already using. Waterproof and made out of PVC covered polyester, it removes the potential of your leash from smelling through use.


  • Suitable for all sizes of dog.
  • Has an iron clasp for secure attachment to your dog’s collar.


  • Not suitable for dogs that chew as it will destroy the leash.
  • Has a rubbery texture.
  • Clip may become gritty if sand or dirt gets stuck to it.

How To Choose The Best Leash Before Purchase

There are a couple of things you can consider before purchasing your leash to ensure that it’s the right one for you. These considerations are; the scenarios in which you will be using your leash e.g., camping, for walking to the shop and back; what the leash is made from; how long and wide you require the leash to be and type of fastener the leash has for attaching to your dogs’ collar. Being mindful of your dog’s personality and behaviour would also help in choosing the best leash. For example, an extra long leash would not be suitable if your dog is boisterous around others or if your dog is nervous around others.

By following these considerations, you will more likely find the right leash for you as more thought has gone into what you actually need and why.

How Long Should Leashes Be For Camping?

Leashes for both camping and activities such as hiking shoukeep-your-dog-safe-on-campingld be between 6 to 10 ft. This is to allow your dog the freedom to roam with limited restriction. However, if you’re camping or hiking in a state Park, check their rules for dogs, as the maximum length allowed could be 6ft only.

For camping on its own without using the same leash for hiking, the length of leash is dependent upon how well behaved your dog is and how much freedom you’re willing to allow.

Should You Purchase A Retractable Leash?

For camping retractable leashes are not suitable. Considering campsites are not always private areas, there are risks of dogs receiving too much freedom and causing trouble, campers not looking where they are going and tripping over the cable, confusion from the dog on how far they are and are not allowed to go (which keeps changing for them), and hand and wrist injuries from rope burn and cut fingers (getting trapped in the plastic contraption).

If the retractable contraption for your leash fails, it will become a useless item. There might not be shops around allowing you to purchase a new one; you would have to cut your trip short and go home if you did not bring a spare.


Putting more attention into the requirements of your leash before purchasing will make it easier for you to choose which leash for camping is best for you.

Buying more than one leash could be useful if you’re looking for tethering and suitability for activities. Taking more than one leash with you on your camping trip anyway would save you from any shortened trips if one breaks.

The best dog leashes for camping are ones which allow both you and your dog freedom (e.g., length of leash and handsfree) and gives you confidence in what you are using.

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