Best Dogs To Accompany You During Your Camping and Hiking Adventure

Miranda Merchant 

Needless to mention, all dogs deserve to have adventures, but some of them are just adventurous breeds! I mean there is nothing wrong with a pug preferring his bed over any activity. We will not force our buddy to get out and enjoy the day. Let them nap lovers nap in peace, please, and check out what kind of dogs are the best ones to spend time outdoors. Here is a list of the best dog breeds to take with you on the adventures.

Best Outdoor dogs

Dog breeds that are better for the outdoors are the most active ones without a doubt. Because when you are out there having a nice time, you will also be providing your energetic dog a great environment for throwing off excess energy. The top dogs in this category are listed below.

  • German Shepherd

Besides being a guard dog, it loves playing games and has a lot of energy to spend with you. Who do you think are lucky enough to have fun out in nature and feel safe at the same time? Yeah right, the German Shepherd owners.

  • Border Collie

Trust us, a middle-sized, agile, and sweet breed such as a Border Collie is a perfect friend to have around you through your journey. Its intelligence can never be underestimated. Plus, it is one of the cutest, just look at that little face.

  • Golden Retriever

This breed is probably in every girlfriend’s or 6-year-old daughter’s wishlist for birthday presents. Even though they might get tired from challenging activities after a while, they are still one of the most playful and sweet dogs that will like accompanying you during your outdoor activities.

  • Australian Shepherd

This breed is said to originate from the Border Collie breed.  Besides being kept as quite popular pets at home, they are generally used as herding dogs they are also great choices for outdoor activities. They are meant to be outside.

  • Labrador Retriever

A Labrador is a very intelligent and sensible dog. Therefore this dog breed will make a good companion outside. Their ability to learn commands easily makes them even a better alternative to travel with.

  • Husky

We can all agree that this dog breed is one of the most compassionate dogs. The fact that they are used for herding and kept as a watchdog in cold regions gives them a special place on this list such as the other herding dogs.

  • Poodle

Most of the time we have seen them in movies as rich and boring families’ pets but they are not that boring at all, they are very agile and smart dogs. Since this dog breed is quite trainable, it will make a great outdoor companion. They are one of the most intelligent dogs after all.

  • Boxer

It is a very loving and affectionate pet and their agile structure enables them to be good outdoor dogs. Such an athletic dog surely has a special place on our list.

  • Basenji

This very energetic, smart, and curious buddy can’t be kept inside the home for too long. It gets bored easily and often needs to be taken outside to throw off energy. This breed is also a very eligible dog breed to have adventures with.

  • Dalmatian

They were used as hunter dogs originally so they are agile and smart but now they are mostly kept as very loving pets that are very playful and energetic. Thus, they can make great adventure partners.

  • Shiba Inu

When it comes to talking about faith, most people will remember Hachiko the faithful dog, and shed a tear. Being that faithful and fearless makes them one of the most popular pets in the world.                

  • Doberman

Although they are considered dangerous dog breeds, we still think they can be very good companion dogs in terms of intelligence, agility, and obedience. But also, admit it, it is just cool to have this beautiful dog around.

  • Hounds

In addition to all of the above, we must say all hunter dog breeds are the best dog breeds in this category. Some hunter dogs include Weimaraner, Hamilton Hound, Vizsla, German Short-Haired Pointer, Rhodesian Ridgeback, etc. They are all eligible for outdoors.

Best Dogs For Camping

While we can include all outdoor-loving dogs under this category some dogs will enjoy sleeping near a campfire more than hikes for long times.

  • Best large dogs for camping

Large dogs such as a Great Dane can also join your camping experience, It is a giant but also a fast and active dog breed as it was bred originally as a hunting dog as well. Anatolian Shepherd Dog is also in this category. Even larger dogs such as a mastiff can be a camping partner only if you plan to stay where you are and enjoy nature’s beauties. Their unwieldiness will not allow them to walk too long. They are better off sleeping near the campfire.

  • Best small dogs for camping

Beagles, Jack Russel Terrier, and Dachsund breeds will be at the top of this category since they are small but active dogs. The smallest dog breeds have the tiniest legs for sure but it is not a problem because you can carry them when they are tired of walking. So in case your dog gets tired have one of those small dog carriage bags with you and take your dog anywhere you want to go. You can even hike carrying your dog like that. Almost all small dog breeds can be taken to camping as long as they have a large space enough to move in the bag. But most importantly on a sunny day, always check  them out to see if they are panting. Panting is an indication of thirst and overheating.

  • Best Dogs For Hiking

We must consider very active, agile dog breeds with strong legs to have hiking experiences with in mountainous areas. While large hounds are perfect for a challenging hiking activity, all dog breeds can be kept company to hike as long as you have the required equipment to handle hard situations such as mentioned above.

What is the easiest dog to travel with?

When it comes to traveling in a city, portable, small-sized dogs such as Chihuahuas or Toy Poodles are perfect. They are easy to carry around. But I am sure it’s not a good idea to carry a dog around all day if you are into crazy hiking areas.

Since we are looking for the best dog breed for adventure travels, our winner dog breed must be middle-sized, intelligent enough to learn and follow some commands, and a very active dog breed that will not decide to take a nap in the middle of the road.

Undeniably, the easiest dog breeds to have any kind of adventure travels with would be hound breeds. If you ask us to suggest one particular dog, that would definitely be a  Hungarian Vizsla. That middle-sized, energetic breed might be the best dog breed for your adventures including both your camping and hiking experiences.

It definitely will not need extra space as a large dog would and you won’t have to carry it around since a Hungarian Vizsla is a strong hunter dog, it can walk and run for very long distances without getting tired. It is willing for activities and will not complain, not because it’s a dog and can’t speak, but because there is a lot of energy to throw off. So if you are an adventurer and were thinking of adopting a dog, this dog breed is just perfect for you. Just make sure you take care of it well throughout your journey.

In Conclusion

Just like all people have different personalities, dogs also have different personalities and a dog breed we mentioned to be a strong and active dog may just prefer being a couch potato. In this article, we just tried to give you some ideas about some of the dogs that might enjoy adventures but regardless of the breed, all dogs are sweet companions that are full of faith and unrequited love in our lives. So after making sure you have everything to make your dog safe, you can take your dog anywhere. They will be happy as long as they are with you.

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