Best Portable Dog Fences for Camping

Miranda Merchant 

When you’re not out on your adventures, you’ll be relaxing at your campsite enjoying the fresh air. If dogs are not allowed to roam free at the site, where can they go to relax and enjoy the fresh air? This is where portable dog fences come in.

What Are Portable Dog Fences?

Portable dog fences are collapsible barriers that are available to keep your dog confided within a secure environment, in a space that you have created for them.

There are a wide variety of portable dog fences available in different shapes and sizes so that you can find the one that is suitable for you and your dog.

What Dog Fences Are Available For Camping?

Please see below for a list of dog fences that are available on the market, their pros and cons and a review on their overall suitability.

The P Dot Wolf folding dog fence is a suitable open barrier for when you’re not needing a full enclosure. However, this enclosure can be fixed so that it becomes a full enclosure.


  • They’re an easy build
  • They’re not so tall that they become a screen and skew sight of smaller dogs.
  • Comes with a fixing kit


  • Not suitable for taller dogs due to its height.
  • The products zig-zag design and lack of top bar is to cause confusion; a deterrent for dogs to jump over and out. Having a fence that causes confusion will not be comfortable for your dog.
  • If you need a bigger space, you can buy panels at a larger size but the price will also increase, meaning increasing costs.

Although you can purchase by the size you require, the price will fluctuate. Considering the fence has been designed with causing dogs’ confusion, it will not be a comfortable environment for long periods of time.

This portable barrier for your dog acts as both fence and shelter. Suitable for dogs up to size large, it’s a smart enclosure that’s made from ventilated mesh, rather than metal wiring. It can be flat packed and comes with carry case.


  • The top roof shelter and bottom matt are removable, meaning the dogs can be exposed to the air and feel the natural ground beneath them.
  • Can be assembled without the need for tools.
  • The floor matt is waterproof and the mesh is washable.


  • Like with any fabric, it will be prone to wear and is not secure against dogs that like to chew.
  • Not always leak proof.
  • The mesh is not easy to see through

If your dog likes rough and tumble or is a chewer, a play pen made out of fabric might not be for you. However, overall, it is a reasonably priced product that’s incredibly easy to put up and flat pack away; helpful if you don’t have much space left in your car.

A heavy duty, tall pen, this one is suitable for the bigger, more robust dogs. Made out of iron metal, it’s durable and will stand the test of time. The door is secured by the use of latch locks, meaning breakouts will not occur.


  • Building this pen does not require tools.
  • Has a larger centre space for bigger dogs or for smaller dogs requiring a little more room to move.
  • Contains secure fixtures for the ground so that it will not collapse from the movements of your dog.


  • The wiring between poles is wider, so dogs can fit their paws and noses through.
  • The metal can become rusted.
  • The pins to keep the pen to the ground may bend.

Although this product is made with security in mind, the metal is not weatherproof and may warp or bend through use, so this product may not stand the test of time. It is however, slightly larger and taller for bigger dogs, meaning less easy to jump, and a little more space to roam. Considering the higher price, there is probably better on the market for the same value.

An unusual ‘fence’, this one works via the use of a collar and GPS. You can plant coordinates into the collar in the area you will allow your dog to roam and if they stray outside of the coordinates, you can choose from either tones, vibration or static correction to return and keep your dog within the ‘fence’.


  • It is waterproof and dogs can swim in it.
  • Your dog can be tracked and monitored by the use of an app on your phone.
  • The battery is long-lasting and rechargeable.


  • If your campsite doesn’t allow free roaming dogs, despite the invisible fence, it may not be enough assurance for your campsite.
  • Other people, children, and animals can wander into your dogs ‘fenced’ area.
  • Your dog needs to be trained to recognise the alarms when outside of its boundary. This takes time so this fence is not one for immediate use.

Although a pricey fencing option, it’s one that does not have obvious barriers meaning your dog feels more freedom. It’s not an instantaneous solution but when mastered, it can be sorted in seconds.

Another heavy-duty fence on our list, more panels can be purchased to make a bigger space. It can be collapsed until flat, making it a great space saver in your car.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Is resistant to rust.
  • Contains latches in the shape of a ‘J’, meaning they are not easy to unhook.


  • If your dog is small, paws and noses may fit through the gaps of the wires.
  • Grounding pins may become bent when placing into ground.
  • May not have a smooth welding finish, meaning sharp edges on the outside.

A well-received product, it’s a favourite amongst its users. Being able to change the size of the pen makes it a great choice for when adapting to outdoor camping. It’s sturdy and definitely a pen you need if confidence in fencing is what you require.

Although Amazon usually sells other brands’ dog fences, they do also have their own brand called Amazon Basics.

One of the lower priced pens on the market, it’s foldable for transportation, metal, and can be purchased in sizes from small to large (including options for a taller height).


  • Does not require tools for set up.
  • Can be completely flat packed for transportation.
  • Has a rust-free finish.


  • Not as sturdy as other pens on the market.
  • Lacks confidence in terms of ensuring all parts arrive with product in good condition.
  • Gate only swings one way; it does not dual swing both inwards and outwards.

This pen was rated highly by many users. A cheaper product to purchase, it’s easy to build, collapse, and does exactly what it is designed to do.

A dog fence designed for confidence, it is heavy duty, long-lasting, and can change shape.


  • Has a smooth finish meaning your dog will not receive cuts from sharp edges.
  • Has secure fixtures for guarantee that it will not move when built and set in place.
  • It’s easy to clean.


  • Not easy to move when built.
  • Smaller paws can fit through the metal wires.
  • Not easy to lock the posts together.

Overall, another well received pen. It can be built for both indoor and outdoor use, comes with instructions to assist you as you build and can be flat packed for travel. It is however, a pricier option in this list of fences

How Do You Choose The Right Fence For Your Dog?

There are so many different varieties of dog fence out there, you will most certainly be able to find the one that is suitable for you. However, will it be suitable for your dog?

More thought needs to go into the right dog fence for camping rather it being based purely on your choice.

To choose the right fence for your dog, these few things will need to be considered:

  • Breed of dog – Will your dog remain small or will it grow into a larger dog?
  • Size of dog – are they big, small, tall or short?
  • Behaviours – Is your dog gentle and placid or energetic and boisterous?

These factors are important as it will help you decide which is the most suitable portable dog fence to buy. For example, if your dog is small, will remain small and is gentle in mannerism, a meshed fabric fence will be perfect for when you go camping. If you have a tall, large, and energetic dog, a taller fence made out of thicker, more heavy-duty metals, will be what is required.

How Do You Secure The Bottom Of The Fence Into The Ground?

Although not all fences are made by the same company, they do have similar fixtures in mind when it comes to securing the dog’s fence into the ground.

Stakes will be found at the bottom of at least the poles forming the fence structure, which will be implanted into the ground. If you are camping on harder earth, it will be useful to take a mallet with you, to help you push the stake into the floor.


All portable dog fences come with transportability in mind and can be flat packed. Usually, the bigger or sturdier the product, the more expensive it will be. If you’re not an avid camper, a cheaper, flimsier fence will be fine but for the hardcore campers or energetic dog owners, paying higher for more secure borders is best.

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