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Raccoon leaves his trash-eating pals to hang with the kitties

It’s either unbearably cute or the prologue to a rabies epidemic. No matter how you see it, this raccoon takes a pass at every cat in the neighborhood, searching for the one that’ll be the life-long pal he’s looking for. Or at the very least, find one that’ll tolerate him for a few hours.

Simply the best pet watering dish ever

This is absolutely the best pet watering dish we’ve ever had.

Learn a new language anywhere with uTalk

From enhanced memory to better decision-making skills, learning a new language delivers a trove of benefits beyond not sounding like a tourist when you travel abroad. But, amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, who has the time or money to attend a class or hire a tutor? Therein lies the value of an […]

How to kickstart a programming education—without the student loans

It’s no secret that coding is one of the most employable skills today, but not all of us had the foresight to major in computer science during college. That’s not to say it’s too late to get your coding stripes, though. While going back to school is certainly an option, there exists a much faster, […]

Surfshark VPN brings safer, faster browsing to your entire family

VPNs are essential for browsing the web without your ISP looking over your shoulder. But too many providers deliver this privacy at the expense of your browsing speed, bogging down your connection and making it much more difficult to stream your favorite shows under the radar. Enter Surfshark VPN. Featuring high-end encryption and unlimited data, […]

If you’ve ever stood in the camping section of a big box store and wondered how you could snag one of those miniature display tents for your pet, wonder no longer. Enter Cat Camp, an Australian company that has created teeny tiny tents for indoor cats. Their Cat Tents ($59.95) pitch like a human-sized tent but, to be clear, these are for inside the house, not the great outdoors.

We set out to create the most unique, high-quality cat bed. This product is modeled on full-size tent and made to look just like the real thing. Cat Camp is a great addition to any house and a cozy hideaway for all cats.

Cats love small, dark and comfy places – this behavior is instinctive so they can hide from predators and they naturally feel safe when the walls of a box or tent come into contact with their little furry bodies.

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