Go ‘camping’ in a deluxe cabin at these 6 Oregon state parks

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Camping isn’t for everyone. For some, the idea of crawling into a sleeping bag on top of a foam pad on the ground, separated from the elements by nothing more than a thin tent wall, is nothing short of a nightmare.

Thank goodness for deluxe cabins.

Oregon state parks – always mindful of the varying degrees of camp comfort – offer all kinds of accommodations, but the most luxurious is the deluxe cabin which, while not exactly a bed and breakfast, offers far more amenities than the humble yurt or rustic cabin.

In a deluxe cabin you get a private bathroom and shower. There’s room enough to sleep five, with a door separating the bedroom from the living room, where you’ll find a futon and (in some parks) a TV and DVD player. There isn’t a full kitchen, but there is a kitchen sink, refrigerator, microwave and dining table. There’s even a covered porch, where you can get some fresh air before retreating to sweet comfort back inside.

Most deluxe cabins look the same, as the parks department uses one of two similar layouts for each. One park (Umpqua Lighthouse) offers deluxe yurts, which offer all the same amenities but sleep up to seven people with the addition of a second futon.

Those of us who live and breathe the Oregon outdoors might be tempted to turn our noses up at this glamorous form of camping. Some might not call it camping at all (technically it is). But there’s nothing wrong with a little comfort in nature sometimes, and to that degree, these deluxe cabins deliver.

Here are six Oregon state parks where you can book one.  

Cape Lookout

Cape Lookout falls into the Goldilocks zone of Oregon state parks in many respects: it’s cramped, but not crowded, sprawling but manageable, wild but well-maintained. It’s also a beautiful pocket of sandy beach in the shadow of a gorgeous headland. It offers six deluxe cabins (three are pet-friendly) that are given some additional privacy, located in the day-use area instead of the campground.

Deluxe cabins are $91 per night, and pet-friendly deluxe cabins are $101 per night; reserve online at or call 800-452-5687. 

Fort Stevens

One of the very best state parks in Oregon, Fort Stevens boasts an incredible 11 deluxe cabins (five of which are pet-friendly). They’re a great way to spend some time on the coast during the winter, offering a place to dry off your boots and jacket after a day at the rainy beach or in nearby Astoria.

Deluxe cabins are $92 per night, and pet-friendly deluxe cabins are $102 per night; reserve online at or call 800-452-5687. 


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