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A contrast of every Jetboil-style stove on the market.

In 2001, Jetboil released a stove that was various from anything else on the market: an all-in-one burner and pot, created simply for heating water as rapidly and effectively as possible.

The pot was tall and narrow, wrapped in an insulative sleeve, and came with a heat exchanger on the bottom. The entire thing attached straight onto the burner to produce an effective water-boiling unit.

17 years later, Jetboil has 5 such range designs and there are as many other business now making comparable products.

There is no settled name for this kind of stoves. I call them either “all-in-one” or just “Jetboil-style” ranges.

This short article compares all 18 of these Jetboil-style ranges.

Some of the information compiles what it is openly available so you can compare the stats.

Other details is taken from my own tests and measurements. I only own seven of these ranges (!) I will include information on any more that I acquire over the coming months and years.

The tables presented below are:

Primus Elektra FE (aka Crux Lite)

The majority of steady (and finest developed):

Here is an overview of all 18 all-in-one ranges, showing their weight, capability and expense, in addition to any unique functions.

Scroll down for additional information on all of these stoves.

Producer Stove Reported weight Capacity (ml) Notes Cost Online rate checker
Alpkit BruKit 466g 1,000 ml ₤ 45

Alpkit BruKit Jackal 425g 750ml ₤ 42 UK Alpkit BruKit Wolf 470g 1,100 ml ₤ 48

UK Jetboil Zip 345g 800ml ₤ 72 Amazon

UK Jetboil Flash 400g 1,000 ml ₤ 84 Amazon-REI- UK
Jetboil MiniMo 415g 1,000 ml ₤ 133 AmazonREI
Jetboil Sumo 453g 1,800 ml ₤ 124 AmazonREI
Jetboil Joule 790g 2,500 ml Pre-heat tube ₤ 130 AmazonREI
Kovea Alpine Pot Wide 510g 1,000 ml ₤ 90 Amazon

REI- UK Kovea Alpine EZ Eco 770g 1,000 ml Integrated rechargeable cylinder ₤ 130 REI-MSR Reactor Stove 417g 1,000 ml ₤ 120 Amazon-REI-

UK MSR Reactor Stove 496g 1,700 ml
130 Amazon-REI – UK MSR Reactor Range 588g 2,500 ml
130 Amazon-REI- UK MSR WindBurner * 432g 800ml Windproof ₤ 93 Amazon-REI- UK
Optimus Elektra FE 455g 950ml ₤ 72 AmazonREI UK Primus Lite 360g 650ml ₤ 64 Amazon

UK Primus Lite +390g 650ml ₤ 83 Amazon-

UK Primus Lite XL 450g 1,000 ml ₤ 107 Amazon- UK

Stove testing in the cooking area

Speed and efficiency

This table compares the speed and efficiency of each range. It is based on my own tests, not on makers’ info.

Speed and performance method

I evaluated the following stoves to see for how long it took them to boil 500ml of water and how much fuel they utilized in the procedure.

All stoves used a full 230g gas container and were set to complete power. Gas use was determined by weighing the container before and after screening.

Each test was performed two times, and the results below are the average of those 2 tests.

Manufacturer Stove Boil time Gas utilized
Alpkit BruKit Wolf 02:20 5g
Jetboil MiniMo 02:20 5g
MSR Reactor Stove 02:17 9g
MSR WindBurner 02:54 6g
Optimus Elektra FE 01:20 12g
Primus Lite+ 02:13 7g
Speed and effectiveness results

I was amazed to discover that almost all of the ranges boiled the water in very comparable times. 5 out of 7 stoves boiled the water in between 2mins 13secs and 2mins 20secs. The only exceptions were:

The amount of gas used varied from 5 grams to 12 grams:

Speed and effectiveness conclusions

In conclusion, many all-in-one stoves boil water at comparable speeds and with fairly comparable effectiveness, with the following exceptions:

Range testing at the Cycle Touring Celebration

The weights of the different stoves are displayed listed below.

Manufacturer Stove Stove weight Pot weight Overall weight Reported weight Reported ounces
Alpkit BruKit Wolf 175g 261g 436g 470g 76oz
Jetboil MiniMo 133g 273g 406g 415g 14oz
MSR Reactor Range 178g 238g 416g 417g 15oz
MSR WindBurner 196g 247g 443g 432g 15oz
Optimus Elektra FE 87g 283g 370g 455g 16oz
Primus Lite+ 154g 262g 416g 390g 14oz

The lightest Jetboil-style stoves are the Jetboil Zip at 345 grams, followed by the Primus Lite and Lite+ at 360g and 390g respectively, then the Jetboil Flash at 400g.

The Kovea Alpine EZ Eco is one of the heaviest at 770g, but this is deceptive considering that it includes its own internal gas canister.

Naturally, the larger ranges tend to offer the best millitres per gram (e.g. Jetboil Sumo and Joule, and the bigger MSR Reactors). Frequently due to the fact that they have the precise same burners as little stoves, simply with larger pots connected.

Size and dimensions

The volume and dimensions of the stoves are displayed below.

Producer Stove Capacity (ml) Capacity (oz) Centre of gravity Pot height Pot depth Pot diameter
Alpkit BruKit 1,000 ml 33oz 13cm
Alpkit BruKit Jackal 750ml 25oz 11cm
Alpkit BruKit Wolf 1,100 ml 37oz 21cm 19cm 15cm 12cm
Jetboil Zip 800ml 27oz 10cm
Jetboil Flash 1,000 ml 33oz 10cm
Jetboil MiniMo 1,000 ml 33oz 19cm 13cm 10cm 13cm
Jetboil Sumo 1,800 ml 60oz 13cm
Jetboil Joule 2,500 ml 85oz 17cm
Kovea Alpine Pot Wide 1,000 ml 33oz 13cm
Kovea Alpine EZ Eco 1,000 ml 33oz 13cm
MSR Reactor Stove 1,000 ml 33oz 19cm 14cm 12cm 13cm
MSR Reactor Range 1,700 ml 57oz 15cm
MSR Reactor Stove 2,500 ml 88oz 19cm
MSR WindBurner * 800ml 27oz 23cm 17cm 14cm 11cm
Optimus Elektra FE 950ml 32oz 21cm 12cm 10cm 12cm
Primus Lite 650ml 22oz 18cm 13cm 11cm 10cm
Primus Lite+ 650ml 22oz 18cm 13cm 11cm 10cm
Primus Lite XL 1,000 ml 34oz 11cm 12cm
Centre of gravity

All-in-one stoves tend to be high and narrow. As such, they are often unstable and liable to falling.

As such, I have actually done a crude calculation of each range’s “centre of gravity”. A low value suggests better stability, a high worth suggests a higher opportunity of the stove tipping over.

(It’s computed as the height above ground of the bottom of the inside of the pot when using a 230g cylinder, plus a 3rd of the pot’s height).

The stoves with the lowest centre of gravity are the Primus Lite and Lite+ at 18cm. That’s a mindful relocation by Primus, whose “Laminar Flow Burner Innovation” enables a shorter burner height.

The MSR Windburner has the highest centre of gravity at 23cm. I truly like this stove but it does indeed feel rather high off the ground.

Primus Lite+

A summary of other essential features.

Producer Range Piezo Simmer Sound Handle
Alpkit BruKit Yes No High Vertical
Alpkit BruKit Jackal Yes No High Vertical
Alpkit BruKit Wolf Yes No High Vertical
Jetboil Zip No No High Vertical
Jetboil Flash Yes No High Vertical
Jetboil MiniMo Yes Yes High Vertical
Jetboil Sumo Yes Yes High Vertical
Jetboil Joule Yes Yes High Vertical
Kovea Alpine Pot Wide Yes No
Kovea Alpine EZ Eco No No
MSR Reactor Stove No Yes Low Horizontal
MSR Reactor Range No Yes Low Horizontal
MSR Reactor Stove No Yes Low Horizontal
MSR WindBurner * No Yes High Strap
Optimus Elektra FE No Yes Horizontal
Primus Lite Yes Yes High Strap
Primus Lite+ Yes Yes High Strap
Primus Lite XL Yes No High Strap

MSR WindBurner

The number of all-in-one stoves are there?

Here is a complete list of every all-in-one range on the marketplace (if I’ve missed any, please do send me details!):

A number of these are just different names for the same stove with a different sized pot attached.

With the MSR Reactor, that’s quite apparent from the names above. However with, state, AlpKit, it’s not immediately obvious that the BruKit Jackal and BruKit Wolf are precisely the same range except for the Jackal having a bigger pot on top.

There are really simply 11 different “Jetboil style” stoves (burners) on the marketplace:

Wish to buy one?

Below are links to examine the rates of all of those ranges on: Amazon, REI in the US and whatever UK store has the very best price.

If you’ve discovered this article useful then please do think about clicking among the links listed below prior to purchasing. At no cost to you, I’ll get a little portion of anything you purchase.

Maker Stove Inspect Amazon Check REI Examine UK shops
Alpkit BruKit

UK Alpkit BruKit Jackal UK
Alpkit BruKit Wolf UK Jetboil Zip Amazon


UK Jetboil Flash Amazon

UK Jetboil MiniMo Amazon REI Jetboil Sumo Amazon REI

Jetboil Joule Amazon REI
Kovea Alpine Pot Wide Amazon REI UK Kovea Alpine EZ Eco REI MSR Reactor Range Amazon REI

UK MSR Reactor Stove AmazonREI UK MSR Reactor Stove Amazon REI UK MSR WindBurner

* Amazon REI UK
Optimus Elektra FE Amazon REI UK Primus Lite

UK Primus Lite+Amazon UK Primus Lite XL Amazon

UK Remarks?

That’s it
folks. Let me know if I

have actually missed out on anything, if you have data

on any of the stoves not checked, or if there are other all-in-one stoves that I’ve missed out on out.

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