How To Keep Your Dog Safe On Camping Trips

Miranda Merchant 

It may be hard to leave your dog behind when you go camping. There is a high chance of spending your camping time worrying about your buddy. But guess what? You don't have to leave them at home. Human's best friend is always a good choice to have as a camping buddy. However, you'll need to know about a few things to help you keep them safe before you take them with you. We listed some tips to help you keep your dog safe while you are off camping. Here they are:

Tips to keep your dog safe on camping

  • Track your dog

Some dogs can be very calm like a pug and Pekingese, while others are very active like a golden retriever and a German shepherd. Especially the active ones have a high risk of getting lost in the blink of an eye. Therefore, it's essential to take some precautions when you are off camping with your dog whether your dog is an active one or a nap lover.

⦁ Supervise

It's good to always keep them close. Take them wherever you are heading or just go wherever they like to throw off energy.

⦁ Make sure your dog has a collar with GPS, led lights, or at least bells

Even if you lose them, it will be easier to find them wherever they are with an item like this. Led lights collars are better than collars with bells if you can't afford a GPS.

dog with led collar at night in camping

  • Watch out for bonfire or barbeque

If you will light a bonfire, or have a barbeque, you have to be cautious so your dogs don't get hurt by stepping into it. Also, your dogs will probably want to munch on whatever you cook. So expect some food thieves and prevent them from burning their mouths.

  • Educate your dog( Not a must)

While a professional education is not essential, you should educate your dogs to behave in a public camping area by teaching them simple commands to make them stay with you or be silent, etc. Nevertheless, it's better not to take your dog with you if your buddy is a rather aggressive one against people or if it hates the outdoors.

  • Keep dogs cool while camping

Now that's very important and can be deadly if not paid attention to. Do not keep your dog in a closed and narrow area for too long if the weather is hot. Always make sure your camping area has a water source and always keep your dogs off of direct exposure to the sun. Wet your dogs from time to time, especially their paws to prevent burns, and always fill their water bowl if it's empty. Have 5 liters oclean water bottles in case the water sources are not available. Not to mention, keep your dog warm on a cold or rainy day with blankets.

  • Watch out for ticks

It's better off keep dogs away from the grass in any case. They surely love grass, and so do ticks and other harmful insects. Even if there isn't grass in the area, you should spray your dogs with an effective medicine to prevent ticks or other insects from getting on your dogs.

Bring those items with you on camping with a dog

It's good to have those elements listed below with you during your camping adventure.

  • Extra food
    Bring extra food and have some special treats to give your dogs during camping. It's hard to imagine you are out of dog food in a place you can't buy new packages of food for your dog.
  • Dog toys
    Do not forget your dog's favorite toy! Their toys will reduce their stress level while playing and might make them feel they are at home. That applies to the cozy blankets and beds for your dog. Bring extra of them and I recommend bringing their own stuff so they will be less stressed.
  • Leash and Collar
    Never forget the leash and collar. Always have your dog leashed in public areas for safety. You can't guarantee that they will behave well and even if you do, it is a must-do to have dog leashed out around people. Not only for aggression but also to keep your dog close to yourself, have them leashed out.
  • Tick and Parasite Preventer
    Tick and parasite drop medicines, sprays, or collars are very essential to have with you. As I mentioned above, keep them away from ticks as much as possible.
  • Emergency Kit
    Most importantly, you will need an emergency kit that should include burn and wound ointments, bandages, tweezers, rubbing alcohol, etc.
  • Raincoats
    Raincoats for dogs that you can buy online or simply make yourself are important to have with you.
  • Necessary Cloths and Booties
    Make sure they wear the necessary clothes and booties. If you will go to a beach or mountainous area etc, your dogs should wear some clothes just like you do! You don't want them to burn their paws on very hot sand or rocks and get injured from stepping on sharp stuff or have a cold on a winter day. So pack their sweet little sweaters, t-shirts, or dog booties and put them in your bag.
  • Poop Bags
    And yes, some poop bags would be nice. if you choose to camp on a camping site, the administrators have strict rules about that little issue. Also, you don't want to leave little poops into mother nature, right? So you better have your poop bags with you.

To sum up

We know how much you love your best friend since you had to search for this article. Going for long trips especially can be very upsetting. Even 2 days or one day of overnight camping can be frustrating for both of you. Some of us may not even have trustworthy people to leave our dogs with. We don't have to ruin our camping adventure worrying about them anymore. In this article, I tried to share some primary tips to keep your dogs safe while camping with you. Because taking them wherever you go is a good idea when it comes to keeping them safe. Just remember taking them to your workplace might not be a good idea!


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