Why I’ll Never Be an “Ultralight” Backpacker– Camping and Hiking News

I don’t believe in carrying 60 pounds in my backpack. No sir. Not required. But will I ever be one of those people who can manage with 20lbs and trek 15 miles a day? Nope.

Here’s why:

I require a real tent with a real floor and a real zipper.

Of course, there are ultra light-weight tents out there. The Huge Agnes Fly Creek Ultralight enters your mind: its trail weight is listed at simply under 2lbs for the 2 person tent. We all know “2 person” hardly means 2 individual. We have a 3 person Huge Agnes tent with plenty of space, 2 vestibules, and a relatively low weight … all things considered. It’s someplace around 4lbs. We broke up the weight so that a single person brings the poles and the other the tent and fly.

My buddy just recently built/sewed his own tent:

It weighs 16oz, however I am NOT sleeping in the wilderness because.

It’s just not occurring. I like more wind, rain, and snow security. I am not wearing the exact same clothing

for days on end. I need a minimum of 1 additional set of pants/shirt/underwear. I can go with only 2 pairs of socks and the very same sports bra, however begin! I like to clean out my t-shirt and shorts and hang them on my pack to dry while I hike in my spare attire. That may appear ridiculous, and we’re all going to stink by the end anyway … at least I can fend off a few of it with a modification of clothes. A light-weight, artificial t-shirt and hiking trousers just do not add adequate weight for me to be worried about. And yes, I have long underwear specifically for sleeping, too.

I like packs with plenty of cushioning.

My REI pack that I’ve had for 5 years now has actually served me well. To be sincere, I require a new one, but some of those ultralight packs simply do not seem worth it. I tried a Go-Lite pack early on in my backpacking days and simply hated it. It simply didn’t have sufficient shoulder cushioning for me. Numerous ultralight packs exclude load-lifters too, and I wonder how those can be comfy. Yes, having a pack that weighs 1lb 14oz like the Go Lite Jam does might be fantastic, but I’m not persuaded. Show me a comfortable ultralight pack with a cushioned hip belt and I’ll … well, I’ll be pleased.

I may not always be the very best at packing, but this pack constantly gets the task done!Wipe with a

smooth rock or leaves? Um … no.

I might have no issues with digging a cathole, but I am NOT using a smooth rock as a substitute for toilet tissue. I will happily carry bathroom tissue both in AND out of the woods in order to avoid the rock alternative.

However if you can load light …

There are ways to be lightER without needing to saw off the end of your toothbrush. If you go to sleep quickly during the night, then don’t trouble taking a book and even part of a book with you. I typically take my Kindle. I weighed it, and it weighs no greater than a small paperback.

Pack the lightest clothes products you can, consisting of light-weight (however warm) gloves and a hat of some sort.

Take only a cookpot in which to boil water. We don’t take a pan or any utensils aside from the long-handled spoons we eat with. We have actually insulated GSI bowls that function as mugs/cups and a tiny-yet-powerful range.

How much does my pack weigh when it’s filled and ready to go? On our last 3 trips it’s weighed between 30 and 33 pounds, water consisted of. And for me, that’s light enough!

Your Turn: What animal comforts do you simply have to take with you into the wilderness?

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